Get the right insurance

Ensuring that you have adequate insurance is essential for all drivers, both before and after passing your driving test. Not only is it a legal requirement but, of course, it’s there to protect you in the event of an incident or collision on the road.

It’s a well known fact that getting affordable insurance can be difficult for new drivers, especially young drivers in the first few years of their driving experience.

Learn To Drive Safely is happy to recommend marmalade as an insurance company that is committed to providing affordable new driver insurance by promoting safe driving.

For further information, or for an online quote, simply click on the relevant link below. Marmalade can provide insurance for learner drivers and new drivers post-qualification, as well as helping to find suitable vehicles for new drivers.

(Please note that when learning with Learn To Drive Safely in one of our school cars, you are covered under our insurance. Learner driver insurance may be appropriate for you if you intend to practice your driving with another qualified driver).

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learner driver insurance from marmalade

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